SS Marion McKinley Bovard


Unfortunately my Dad and I have had little luck finding information on the SS Marion McKinley Bovard.  The following is what we do know. 

The SS Marion McKinley Bovard was built by California Ship Building Corp., Los Angeles, CA.  Built on way #5 Keel Laid October 04, 1942.  It was launched November 05, 1942, Delivered November 24, 1942.**


The SS Marion McKinley Bovard and its crew were awarded "Battle Stars" for the following:

Sicilian Occupation                          July 9, 1943 - July 15, 1943

Convoy UGS-36                                April 1, 1944

Invasion of Southern France           August 15, 1944 - September 25, 1944


**We now have pictures and information courtesy of Sandy Zarella of Everett, WA.  Thank you Sandy for filling some of the blanks.  

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