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Right now the only thing on the following pages is what little information that my Dad and I have been able to get on the USS HEMMINGER.  This ship was one of the ships that my grandfather was stationed on during WWII.  Our hope is to allow more people who were stationed on and/or had relatives on the USS HEMMINGER to get complete information on one web page.  Our quest in getting this information is slow coming and on going.  Please be patient if the information that you are looking for is not on this site.  


We have added more pictures to the Crew Picture section of this site.  We have also added a copy of  Bites from the Bowline.  These new pictures and the newsletter are courtesy of Mrs. Jan Edwards.  

Any information that you may have regarding the USS HEMMINGER, Destroyer Escorts, the United States Navy Armed Guard or any picture please contact us at

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